About Us

About Us

For the last 20 years Hellems Associates has been providing manufacturing consulting services to clients all over the world. Our primary focus is providing outsourcing consulting related assistance around your manufacturing, engineering, design, tooling and sales activities. We have clients in many different industries including the auto industry and electronics industry.

The founder of Hellems Associates began in the tooling and molding industry several decades ago and with that experience we understand the importance of proper design and related activities. Over the years we have grown beyond tooling to provide consulting services over the entire manufacturing process.  We also help clients with engineering and sales activities. In addition to the auto industry we also provide consulting services to window manufactures, electronic and contract manufactures, medical supply companies and structural steel suppliers. The diversity of our experience makes us the first stop for all your outsourcing needs.

We are family owned business that focuses on building solid relations with both our clients and our partners around the world. Hellems Associates is a leader in the outsourcing industry and this helps us provide excellent assistance through all processes of building your manufacturing business. We help you with developing and executing your business plan from initial concept through to the production phase.  We help you locate efficiencies in the manufacturing process and even sales activities.

Company Bios

Chris Hellems – President

chrisChris Hellems, President, is an accomplished manufacturing professional and successful entrepreneur. In 2008, he founded the international company, Hellems Associates, LLC. A recognized and respected expert in the Global Outsourcing world, Chris has been instrumental in ensuring top-tier results for clients around the globe.

Starting as a tool and dye apprentice at Micro Instruments Inc., Chris found his niche and quickly advanced through the industry. Over the next 15 years, Chris worked with an Injection Molding company, advancing from a Mold Making apprentice to the Manufacturing Manager, overseeing over 130 employees.

In 1997, Chris joined Hoff Associates as a Sales Engineer and was a key player in the steadfast growth of the company. In addition to being the Top Sales Engineer at Hoff Associates, Chris was also the co-owner of several international companies, including Design Engineering, Plastic Injection Molding, Solenoid Manufacturing and Coil Winding companies.

Along with over thirty years experience and expertise, Chris also brings a unique perspective to Global Outsourcing Solutions. With his vast knowledge of tool making, processing, and plastics rheology, Chris offers an unparalleled advantage to his customers.

Contact Chris at chris@hellemsassociates.com

Maureen Hellems – Chief Financial Officer

MaureenMaureen Hellems, Chief Financial Officer for Hellems Associates, brings a vast amount of accounting and operational expertise to the company.

With extensive experience in the financial services industry, Maureen has worked with clients ranging from smaller non-profit organizations, to large corporations.

Maureen is accustomed to wearing many hats and taking on multiple roles to help run a successful company. In 2008, Maureen joined the ARC of Monroe County where she worked on the Executive Management Team.

During her time with the ARC, Maureen worked closely with the CEO and Board of Directors to ensure sound financial planning for the company, in addition to implementing a successful agency-wide five-year strategic plan.

In 2013, Maureen officially joined the rapidly growing Hellems Associates team.

Contact Maureen at Maureen@hellemsassociates.com

James Hellems – Sales Engineer

JamesJames Hellems, Sales Engineer, brings his dedication, passion and positive attitude to Hellems Associates, LLC.

Bringing over 6 years experience in Project Management, James’s experience and spirit are ideally suited for Hellems Associates quality and efficient approach to the industry. James loves a good challenge and shines under pressure, continually striving to ensure top results for clients.

Prior to joining Hellems Associates in 2012, James worked with KHS&S Contractors, as a Project Manager, specializing in sales, customer relations and document control. There, he gained vital experience and expertise working with clients ranging from smaller to larger, international companies.

James attended Colorado State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management with an emphasis in Business. Additionally, James is a Certified LEED Associate Professional.

At Hellems Associates, James employs his thorough, yet efficient, work style to ensure not only customer satisfaction, but also customer success.

Contact James at james@hellemsassociates.com 

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