When you work with Hellems Associates you will find the best overall solutions to your outsourcing needs. Our team will use their experience to provide you with cost effective solutions that enables you to focus on your core business while we help you outsource the rest.

  • Services (ADD):

    • Sourcing, Negotiating, Sampling, Production, Quality & Shipping

Line Card

CAR Engineering & Manufacturing

  • Metal Stampings

  • Four Slide and Multi Slide Technology

  • Custom Machining & Assembly

  • Screw Machines


  • Injection Molding

  • 70 Ton – 1,000 Ton

  • ISO-9001

  • Custom Assembly

Quantum Mold & Engineering

  • Prototype  & Production Injection Molding

  • Custom Tooling NA & Asia

  • Custom sheet metal applications Laser cut and form.

  • Welded Assemblies

J & F Manufacturing

  • Plastic Injection Molding, small and medium tonnage

  • Overlay and 2-Shot Molding

  • Deep Draw Stampings

  • Custom molded  plastic filters

  • Integrated Paper/Plastic Air filters

  • Custom metal  & plastic tubes with flange options

  • PCBA

  • Die Casting

Vensik Electronics

  • Headers

  • Connectors

  • Terminal Blocks

  • Cable Assemblies

  • Wire Harnesses

  • Custom stampings

  • FPC Cables

  • Silicone Rubber Products

Paltech Trecise Electronics

  • PCB’s

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